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Wonder polymer's Pilot Coating Service offers a revolutionary solution to the corrosion protection of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polyurethane (PU) plastic. Wonder Polymers have developed a unique two-part epoxy resin that is formulated with surfactants.

Surfactants enhancehesion, while carriers provide a low-pressure barrier to prevent plastic flow. This two part resin is applied to an existing surface, such as casting parts or bumpers, and it provides the additional benefit of providing a chemical resistance barrier. These resins have proven effective in a wide range of applications, including boat hull coating, bumpers and more.

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Two-Part Solution Process for Pilot Coating Service

The Two-Part Solution offers a unique application method that makes use of cold dip galvanizing to harden a part of polymer using a two-part application process.

First, a mating tab is placed on the part to be coated. Then, a carbide bonding agent is added to the mating tab, and this is allowed to cure for two hours. Afterward, a cold dip coating is performed, which allows the carrier to bond to the polymer.

Unique and Cost Effective Solution

Wonder Polymers pilot coating service offer a unique and cost effective solution to upgrading part surfaces. Wonder Polymers epoxies will harden and protect against abrasive chemicals, moisture, and impact. We are UV light resistant, so we will not change colour with time and will not degrade. After applying the coating, a finishing agent is used to seal the hardening agent and protect against rust.

Wonder Polymers offers an exclusive vinyl coating service that includes a two-part epoxy resin application and a one-part corrosion prevention agent. The resulting material contains no lead, copper or mercury, which makes it highly safe for indoor or outdoor use.

Wonder Polymers offers a variety of pilot coatings service for plastic parts, including PVC, rigid plastic and flexible PVC. Other coatings include melamine and rubber coatings.

Another Important Pilot Coating Service

Another important service from Wonder Polymers is their Polyureas application. This coating service will create a chemical reaction between polyethylene and urethane. When the resin hardens it becomes a protective layer that prevents ultraviolet radiation from penetrating into the part, thus decreasing overall wear and tear. This coating service can also be used on high-quality metals like aluminium and stainless steel.


Wonder Polymers has been providing customers with high quality pilot coating service for more than 33 years. We have built a name for themselves in the part application industry and continue to meet all of our clients' needs. By contacting one of our specialists today, you can learn more about the benefits of vinyl resins and polyureas and how these pilot coating services from Wonder Polymers can help you with your part-coat application.

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