Double Sided Tape Manufacturer Company in Delhi, India

Wonder Polymers, Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of high quality double sided tape. Our products are made from a unique rubber compound that has many advantages. As foams are manufactured using this unique material, it is possible to create thicker foams at a lower cost and higher quality than using other materials.

Double sided tape manufacturers can also achieve a tighter weave than with any other material. Wonder Polymers, allows the manufacturer to produce a much more durable product than with any other material.

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Wonder Polymers, Manufacturer Different Types of Double Sided Tape.

  • Double sided foam tape.
  • Double sided cotton tape.
  • Double sided tissue tape.
  • Double sided clothes tape.
  • Wonder Tapes are used for a Variety of Applications

    Wonder polymer's double sided foam tape are used for a variety of applications in manufacturing, home repair, shipping, and industry. Because it is used in so many different applications, the company has developed a wide range of products.

    The unique properties of Double Sided Tape allow it to be used in such a diverse fashion. Its use as a gasket makes it a valuable part of the foam insulation industry. It can be used to insulate the shaft of compressors and air conditioners.

    double side cotton tape
    double sided foam tape

    Wonder polymers’ double sided foam tape is also used to create seals around doors and windows, particularly in areas where moisture is a consideration.

    Many industries also use wonder tape for use in their production lines. This material is also valuable as a backing for computer and electrical components due to its thermal and chemical resistance.

    Due to the fact that it can also resist compression, it is often used as a backing for fireproofing in the workplace. The thermal characteristics of the foams make them ideal for use in the home where the possibility of burn is high.

    Double Sided Tape in a Large Variety of Industries

    A large variety of industries produce foams and wonder polymers include packaging suppliers, paper suppliers, painters, printers, automotive manufacturers, roofing manufacturers and others.

    Double sided tape is used in a wide variety of applications, so its availability has become widespread. It is not uncommon to see it being used in a variety of business applications including building maintenance and repair.


    Thanks to its wide range of uses, Double Sided Tape is a cost effective solution to many manufacturing requirements. As a result of its low cost and widespread availability, many businesses have started to use this flexible and convenient tape for a variety of purposes.

    The demand for wonder tape has become so great that it is no longer difficult to find a local shop that is offering it for sale. If you are looking for a good quality double sided foam tape, there are several factors that you should consider. These factors are the manufacturer, design, material, size and price.

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