BOPP Tape Manufacturer Company in Delhi, India

Wonder polymers Private Limited, one of the best BOPP tape manufacturer company in Delhi, India, which is at S-70, Badli industrial estate, Phase - 1, Delhi – 110042 and the Company was founded in 1986 and Wonder polymers Private Limited’s main branch in Kharkhoda, Sonipat, Haryana.

Wonder polymers Private Limited specializes in production of Velcro tapes, which are used in a wide variety of industries such as the aerospace, medical and electronics industries.

BOPP tape is popular for two reasons, it is flexible and strong and also durable. It has an excellent adhesive property and this allows it to be used on a wide range of substrates including metal, wood, cardboard and other soft materials.

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plain bopp tape
printed bopp tape

The range of products that BOPP tape manufacturer is vast and includes packaging tapes, tubing, clothing, electrical and electronic wraps, carpet tapes, carpet tie downs and many more. The packaging tapes can be used for wrapping gifts, for making homemade packing labels, etc.

There are also many innovative products that Wonder polymers Private Limited has introduced and developed over the years. These include special material that helps to create a protective coating on the surface of the substrate. This will help to prevent corrosion of the tape and will also make it much easier to clean and maintain.

BOPP tape also special PVC fittings and adapters, which allow for the use of different types of tapes with some being fully compatible with each other.

BOPP Tape Manufacturer Company for Industrial and Commercial

Some of these are coated with polyester and vinyl and BOPP tape can be used in applications where high strength, wear resistance and chemical resistance are required. BOPP tape Manufacturer Company is constantly looking for new ways to improve its product quality and also to make the process of manufacturing easier and increase productivity.

Wonder polymers Private Limited also works hard to find new ways to make its products more cost-effective. Many of its innovations have been a direct result of customer feedback and have been adopted into the company's production. BOPP's flexibility, durability and cost effectiveness have resulted in a booming business and a steady stream of orders for its amazing products.

Wonder polymers Private Limited is not only focused on household and personal uses, however. It has also developed special products for repair and construction. Wonder polymers Private Limited offers a vast range of flexible tapes that are ideal for use in a wide variety of applications.

Wonder polymers Private Limited is also keen to expand its range of products. In fact, many leading shoe manufacturers are now using BOPP tape for the manufacture of their products.

Wonder polymers Private Limited Offers a Wide Range of Consumer Products

In addition to its wide range of consumer products, as we know that Wonder polymers Private Limited is a BOPP tape Manufacturer Company in Delhi, and now, Wonder polymers Private Limited also develops many specialized products for industry specific applications.

Wonder polymers Private Limited Develop Different Types of BOPP Tape Manufacturing

  • Packaging tapes for adhesive tape
  • Pressure relief tapes
  • Fire retardant tapes
  • This extensive list of products shows just how versatile Wonder polymers Private Limited really is. Wonder polymers Private Limited can also design direct to garment packaging and direct to packaging and also has an extensive product portfolio that spans many verticals and sectors.

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