Manufacture of High-Quality Bonding, Fastening, and Reinforcement Tape

Wonder Polymers is a company that specializes in the manufacture and production of high quality bonding, fastening and reinforcement tape. We have been making innovative and highly functional bonding, fastening and reinforcement tape for more than 33 years, with a focus on high impact and high performance products.

Let’s Learn About Bonding, Fastening and Reinforcement Tape

Wonder Polymers primary product is bonding tape, a series of wonder polymers that have been shown to with stand extreme temperatures, wear resistance, and provide excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates.

When applied to a substrate in question, the wonder polymers into the substrate and stick together create a complete bonding tape. This is used in a variety of industries and the Wonder Polymers manufacturing process ensures superior adhesion properties and superior performance under a wide range of operating conditions.

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Wonder Polymers is a direct manufacturing provider of our own line of bonding tapes, known as wonder tape. Our products are available for purchase from most large retailers around the country and can also be purchased through the Internet. It is important to note that Wonder tape is a unique tape and is not readily available through any other manufacturer.

There are several manufacturers who produce a line of bonding tape, but none offer an extensive line of products. Wonder Polymers has a full assortment of different tapes to meet any customer's printing or design needs.

The products are guaranteed to meet or exceed customer expectations and can be purchased at a low cost, due to the large amount of overhead associated with the manufacturing and distribution of these highly functional and durable items.

Manufacturing Fastening Tape

Wonder Polymers is a leader in the manufacturing fastening tape. We have been using it for over 33 years and have no plans to change. It works exceptionally well for both interior and exterior applications and is the most versatile fastening tape available.

bonding fastening reinforcement tape
bonding fastening reinforcement 2

It can be used in a variety of applications including roofing, cabinet fastening, and flooring applications such as fascia, siding, asphalt and concrete. What makes Wonder Polymers superior to other materials is that it can be used in a variety of sizes with superior adhesion properties and superior dimensional stability.

Manufacturing Reinforcement Tape

Wonder Polymers is a leader in the global polymers market and has been innovating and developing new products for industrial and commercial applications. The company has been able to bring together its extensive product offering, tailored to suit all manufacturing requirements and backed by an excellent management team led by Director of Mr. Arun Gupta, to form a niche in the Reinforced Tape Manufacturing by Wonder Polymers.

Wonder Polymers also produces a wide range of high-performance polyester based tapes, which are highly flexible, durable and cost-effective. With continued research and development, the company will undoubtedly emerge as one of the most prolific manufacturers and distributors of tapes in the world.

Conclusion about Manufacturing Bonding, Fastening & Reinforcement Tape

In addition to manufacturing our own line of bonding, fastening and reinforcement tape, Wonder Polymers offers a full line of printing supplies and colour mixing accessories that can be used with our products. These include colour mixing sheets, ink cartridges, and even thermal transfer paper.

Many printing companies use these products to add extra special effects and elements to their work and many people choose to use them, especially when they need to match or contrast with certain colours produced by other companies.

Printing suppliers who use Wonder Polymers often prefer to use these products because we are designed to create high quality bonding tape, durable items that are suitable for high volume printing projects.

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