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A business located in New Delhi, India. WPPL have been in the industry of making tapes for over 36 years, serving the tape manufacturing industry both locally and internationally. WPPL business has expanded to cater both the local and international markets, which has helped to gain a reputation as one of India's leading suppliers of tapes.

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Tape Manufacturers need to continue to provide high quality customer and support and consistent after-sales service to help our clients remain satisfied with our products and services. The importance of maintaining a positive and proactive relationship with our customers cannot be overstated in the modern business world.

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customized development of tapes as per customer specifications

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Our team undertakes customized development of tapes as per customer specifications.

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Provide Full Range of High Services and Solution Worldwide

Tape manufacturers continuously vie with each other to provide the most cost effective and efficient solutions in the market. The demand for tapes is increasing day by day, which is increasing the production capacity and improving the features of the manufacturing process.

A Full Services

Wonder Polymers Pvt. Ltd. are offering a full range of services from customized tape orders to complete installation of electronic components in a wide range of applications.

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Our services not only help in saving time of the users but also help in improving our performance and providing quality products. Hence we can say that these tapes provide a complete solution to all your requirements and one of the most useful tapes on the market.

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Wonder Polymers are always under pressure to produce a high quality product, but we must also continually find ways to make sure that we satisfy our customers. A great way to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the final product is to use tape that's of the highest quality. Wonder Polymers can ensure that our customers won't have to deal with bad tape by taking a few of these simple, yet effective steps.

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